Destiny 2: Season of the Deep – New Underwater-Themed Location and Armor [+Gameplay Trailer]

Bungie has recently become more open with upcoming Destiny 2 content, and their most recent blog post has divulged a great amount of information about the Season of the Deep. In particular, fans now have the chance to get a close look at the new armor ornaments inspired by the underwater theme, as well as a potential new playable area.

The initial Destiny 2 Season of the Deep poster gave off a few hints about what could possibly take place during the following season. Now, a number of details have purportedly been verfied, even possibly affirming a Lightfall leak the community has had for a long time.

Players of Destiny 2 are pushing for adjustments to the in-game economy as they feel it needs to be tweaked in order to make it more enjoyable. Fans of the game have made it clear that they would like to see changes to the current system in order to create a better experience.

The probability of the Season of the Deep leak for Destiny 2 has increased. One of the new game screenshots explicitly affirms that it is the setting of the Titan’s sunset moon. The Season of the Deep appears to emphasize underwater activities and from the visuals, players will be able to get an entire set of equipment ornamentations with a design inspired by aquatic creatures. This is probably the main reward players will obtain from the Season Pass.

For Season 21 of Destiny 2, Bungie has announced that a full selection of new armaments will be available, one of which is the Last Rite Scout Rifle, a Tex Mechanica firearm set with a Kinetic Aggressive configuration. This weapon can be further customized with three activity-based Ornaments for players to utilize.

The previously mentioned deep-sea location has also been showcased. Described as a place that players will explore during Season of the Deep, the photo has been labeled “TP_2023_S21_Titan_Sea_Floor,” indicating that players might face off with enemies at the base of Titan’s hydrocarbon seas. Whether Titan will be a legitimate patrol area or a set of fixed missions is still uncertain, but if it is the former, it could be the first time Bungie brings back Destiny 2’s sunset content permanently.

As Destiny 2 Season 21 comes with a significant amount of Exotic tuning, it appears that Bungie is attempting to invigorate the player base after Lightfall was met with unenthusiastic reviews. Whether or not this approach works out is not known yet, however, Season of the Deep launching on May 22 should give some indication of whether Bungie is succeeding.

Destiny 2 is accessible right away on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Additional information can be found in the article The Unspoken Laws of Destiny 2, which looks at the unwritten conventions of Destiny 2, including engrams, the Tower, Sherpa raids, flawless runs, and Rally Banners.

Bungie recently released a new blog post in which they discussed some of the changes that have been made to the game over the past year. They noted that they have focused on creating a more balanced and enjoyable experience for players, making improvements to the game such as adding new content, amending existing systems, and enhancing the rewards structure. They also highlighted the importance of the feedback they receive from the community, as it helps them to further improve the game.

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It has been quite a while since Destiny 2 was released, and its MMO-like qualities have attracted millions of Guardians. Although it can be complicated to get into, participating in the endgame activities, crafting process, and gunplay can be quite rewarding. With all the activities to do, and the vast number of players, the Destiny 2 community has created its own set of unspoken regulations.

The majority of games, especially those that have withstood the test of time and have a large playerbase, like World of Warcraft, have certain unspoken regulations. While some of these same rules may apply to Destiny 2, others are exclusively rooted in the game’s community. A well-known example of this is that even veteran players often take the time to visit Xur for his weekly offerings, even if they have no need for the vendor’s items.

Head to the Tower if You Want to Unlock Engrams and Empty Your Postmaster, Even While Doing an Activity

With the variety of rewards available in Destiny 2, from Engrams to playlist-specific loot, players frequently feel the urge to grab what they earned from a mission or encounter as soon as possible. Additionally, the Power Level system of the game motivates gamers to acquire new gear so that they can infuse into their best equipment and increase their level, if they are not already at the highest level. Moreover, the Postmaster has a limited capacity for retrieved items, so it is important to inspect what has been collected without delay, even in the middle of an activity, to ensure nothing of value is lost.

Permit Fireteam Members to be Sacrificed by Traps or Deliberately Mislead Them in Raids and Dungeons

The Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares Raid is just one of the many endgame PvE activities that the gaming community enjoys. Sherpa runs of Raids and Dungeons are often hosted to teach players the mechanics of the game, and this is often accompanied by a few laughs when traps or deadly on-activation encounters, like the Vex portal in the Garden of Salvation Raid, come up. It’s a bit of a prank to let unsuspecting players fall or run to their deaths, however it’s all in good fun.

Successful Completion of Trials, Raids, or Dungeons Is Achieved When Not Putting Forth Effort to Try

In-jokes among the Destiny 2 community often involve players attempting to complete Flawless runs in Trials of Osiris, Raids, and Dungeons, only to be foiled when something goes wrong. It’s become a running joke to say “There goes our Flawless run” when the first teammate is disconnected or killed, ending the attempt. Surprisingly, players who aren’t actively attempting a Flawless run often end up succeeding.

Encounters May Commence With Either No Rally Flag Being Placed or Multiple Flags Being Set Up Simultaneously

In Destiny 2 PvE, there are Raid Banners which provide an instant refill of Super and ability energy as well as Special and Heavy ammo once planted. This is a consumable item, however, and players must travel to the Tower to get them. As a result, many encounters start without any banners being placed, or multiple are placed at once, which can be wasteful.

Destiny 2 can be played on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X/S.