Players of Destiny 2 to be Affected by Restoration Process Following a Triumph Bug Issue

Destiny 2 gamers should anticipate that their advancement will be reset before the launch of the latest patch, which brought a glitch that wiped out Triumphs from several characters. The update, as well as introducing some modifications, was planned to simplify the present gear progression by taking away Blue Engrams for late-game players. This alteration is coming at the same time as other features such as Energy Affinity are being adjusted in the forthcoming Destiny 2 extension, Lightfall.

The progression of gear in Destiny has traditionally been reliant upon getting higher-level items randomly from more challenging content. By the time a player hits the soft cap, their inventory is frequently overflowing with multiple duplicates of the same gear. Blue Engrams are especially apt to fill up a player’s inventory when they need Destiny 2 exotics to raise their Power Levels. Having to manage Blue Engrams each season can be a tiresome chore as part of the game’s equipment progression.

This week, Destiny 2’s newest patch was pushed out in the morning, but it resulted in a problem where many gamers’ Triumphs and Titles disappeared. Once Bungie was made aware of the issue, they took the game offline to investigate it. The official Destiny 2 Twitter accounts reported that the bug was being worked on and that a fix was being prioritized. Later in the day, the Bungie Help Twitter account relayed that the problem was still being tested and that the accounts would be reverted to before the patch was released.

For Destiny 2 users, the patch released will ultimately erase any progress they had made after the patch’s release. This could be disheartening for any individual who had played before Bungie took the game offline to repair it. Having their Catalyst unlocks and season pass progress reset will be maddening for devoted Destiny players.

Destiny 2 to Roll Back Player Accounts

High praise is due to Bungie for their swiftness in addressing major glitches, even if it means sacrificing some players’ progress. It is hoped that no other issues will crop up once the fix is released and Blue Engrams are removed from endgame players’ inventories. Coupled with the other changes brought about by Lightfall, Destiny 2’s gear progression should be significantly improved when all the modifications are finally implemented.

The game Destiny 2 is out now for playing on PC, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X/S.

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