Destiny 2 Players Call For Reworks to Stasis Fragments

Destiny 2 gamers have been requesting modifications to Stasis subclasses and shards since its introduction to the Beyond Light expansion, which happened nearly three years ago. Although Destiny 2‘s Lightfall expansion brought in novel Strand subclasses, the current Stasis subclasses have not been modified with the desired alterations requested by players.

At the launch of Destiny 2: Beyond Light, Guardians were granted access to the all-new Stasis powers. The Witch Queen expansion did not give players another Darkness subclass, but Bungie did introduce the revamped Void 3.0 subclass with aspects and fragments. Solar 3.0 and Arc 3.0 subclasses were added in the succeeding seasons after The Witch Queen. These improved subclasses brought the quality of life changes that Destiny 2 players were hoping for. Strand was introduced to the game in February and included even more adjustments to the aspect and fragment system, and the quest for Stasis improvements persists even after the Lightfall expansion.

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sniper_control11, a Destiny 2 fan, expressed their opinion on the current state of Beyond Light’s Stasis fragments. They requested a rework of these fragments in order to facilitate build crafting. Additionally, they want acquiring Stasis fragments to be faster than the process of obtaining Strand fragments. Other players have echoed this sentiment, deeming the process of obtaining Stasis fragments tedious. As of now, sniper_control11 has only unlocked two Stasis fragments for their Behemoth Titan subclass, but they would be more willing to acquire more fragments if Bungie implemented a Stasis rework.

In Destiny 2 , Stasis fragments are obtainable by finishing a series of tasks given by the Exo Stranger on Europa. These fragment quests demand multiple objectives to be fulfilled in activities such as Vanguard, Crucible and Gambit. When the fragment quest is completed, the player is rewarded with a Memory Fragment, which may be swapped for a Stasis fragment by coming back to the Exo Stranger. Regrettably, only two Memory Fragments can be attained each week in Destiny 2 , thus making it a constraint for many gamers in the community.

The weekly requirement for Stasis fragments could be very helpful to Stasis subclasses if removed. This would let Destiny 2 players enjoy their new abilities as soon as they get them in the Beyond Light campaign. Additionally, the removal of the weekly requirement would free up the players’ time, allowing them to concentrate on the latest game DLC, such as The Witch Queen and Lightfall expansions.

Destiny 2’s Season of the Deep begins this month and players have a chance to influence Bungie to make updates to the Stasis subclass. Hopes of seeing changes to the Strand subclasses are high, and there is potential for the Stasis subclass to receive alterations in future updates. This article discusses the possibility of Strand subclass changes being implemented soon.

Destiny 2 can be experienced now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X/S.