Destiny 2 Player Encounters Strange and Friendly Enemies

A Destiny 2 quest-goer uncovered something many don’t find in their adventures: an amicable Thrall group that won’t cause them any harm. The PvE game modes in Destiny 2 are brimming with exciting adversaries and encounters, and this player encountered something that is often thought to be unattainable, a friendly adversary mob that just wants to chill.

In 2017, Bungie released Destiny 2, and since then, fans of the original game have been enjoying its features. Players can participate in community events, fight both AI and other players in PvP, complete weekly quests and buy DLC content with weapons. The developers of Destiny 2 recently revealed what is in store for the game’s players this week, providing a continuous rotation of different modes and content.

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HandOfAntioch, a Reddit user, posted a video on the Destiny 2 subreddit of an uncommon experience they had with a group of Thralls. Despite the player’s continuous movement, aiming, and emoting, the NPCs did not retaliate. Ultimately, the player decided they needed to put an end to the friendly encounter and use their weapons. Redditors thought this was a fitting conclusion to such a peculiar encounter. This is not the first interesting discovery a Destiny 2 user has found, but it is one of the most memorable moments shared with the community.

Friendly thrall???
by u/HandofAntioch in destiny2

Since its debut, the Reddit post has generated some attention and Destiny 2 supporters have been making light of the episode, citing that the Thrall group simply needed to be embraced. Destiny 2 adversaries can be quite tough, and Thralls can be a real test if one is not familiar with how to handle them, which only adds to the peculiarity of the situation. One individual mentioned having gone through something similar before in a lost sector while playing Neomuna, with some Cabal.

The Destiny 2 community has earned a reputation for its amusing clips, which often make their way onto the internet. This is due to the PvE game modes within the game, that permit amusing situations such as the one mentioned. As a result, players are able to form some great memories while they explore the captivating world that Bungie has crafted.

Destiny 2 can now be played on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X/S consoles.