Destiny 2’s Lightfall Expansion Unveils Strand-Based Supers and Other Features

Bungie recently revealed a trailer for Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion, which features the brand-new Strand subclass that Guardians can use. This expansion will take players to the cyberpunk-themed Neomuna city, where they will meet Cloudstriders, the faction of Neomuna’s defenders. It will also give them the opportunity to confront The Witness and Emperor Calus.

The elemental subclasses are an essential part of the Destiny 2 gaming experience. At the announcement of the Beyond Light expansion, the Stasis subclass and elemental type were first introduced. Luke Smith, the game’s director, made it known that Stasis was the first of many Darkness subclasses to arrive. It took Bungie an entire year before the next subclass, Strand, was unveiled. This subclass allows players to see and manipulate the underlying threads that connect all matter and beings, enabling them to deal with enemies and obstacles in a unique way and move forward on their journey with The Witness.

Players will need to experience for themselves the power of Strand in navigating Neomuna’s vertical cityscape and combating foes. The trailer displays the three new subclasses that Strand brings to Lightfall: Warlock’s Broodweaver, Titan’s Berserker and Hunter’s Threadrunner. Warlocks wielding Broodweaver can command threadlings that unleash Strand energy to locate and attack opponents. Titans equipped with Berserker have claws of Strand energy to slice through enemies. Lastly, Hunters can use Threadrunners’ bladed whip to fight from both a distance and up close.

The trailer highlights a variety of features that may be missed by even the most experienced of Destiny 2 players. For example, the Warlock is seen consuming a grenade and then summoning threadlings from a precision kill which then search for a nearby foe. Additionally, Berserkers can create a wave of Strand energy when they place a barricade, suspending any enemies that come into contact with it. Moreover, the Threadrunners have the ability to divebomb an area similar to the Void hunter’s Deadfall ability, which also renders enemies immobile in the air. The Hunter is seen throwing a kunai that jumps between all the suspended enemies in the vicinity. Other abilities observed included the Warlock’s rift that can spawn threadlings and the Berserker’s Strand grenade skill which is then grappled onto by a Threadrunner.

Despite its brevity, the trailer offers a glimpse of the intricate details of each subclass along with their design philosophies. At present, there is no data available regarding fragments and aspects that will modify the subclasses, and how the introduction of Strand will alter the creation of builds in Destiny 2. The mysteries behind this power and more will be uncovered in a few weeks when Lightfall is formally released.

Destiny 2 can now be played on PC, PlayStation 4/5, and Xbox One/Series X/S. The expansion, Lightfall, will be released on February 28.

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