Glitching in Destiny 2 Produces a Laser Light Show Visual Effect

An Destiny 2 gamer recently came across a rather strange visual glitch while on Europa, resulting in a skybox that looked like a laser light show. As anticipation for the upcoming expansion titled Lightfall grows, the Season of the Seraph is making it clear that the game is ageing, with a plethora of bugs and glitches causing trouble for players. Although some of these issues are quite trivial,

This season in Destiny 2 has been marked by a series of significant issues, including titles and triumphs that have gone missing after an update. Some players even reported losing their characters, in addition to server and connection problems. This led to Bungie taking the game offline completely to sort them out and restore content. Although this is not ideal for an online title, it is unlikely that this bug will require Bungie to do something similar.

A Destiny 2 user by the name of Crimson_Rose_2065 recently posted a video on the game’s subReddit in which they can be seen battling the Vex on Jupiter’s icy moon Europa. The backdrop of their mission was made increasingly difficult by a strange glitch featuring sporadic, bright laser beams shooting up into the sky like a concert. In some cases, the lasers were so intense that they completely covered the entire screen, making it impossible to play.

The image displayed is an example of a scene where someone is utilizing technology. It appears to show a person on a device, likely a laptop or a tablet, while also engaging with a phone in their hand. The inference that can be drawn is that the individual is using multiple digital devices simultaneously.

The clip triggered a plethora of gifs and comments regarding raves, with some jokingly suggesting that Crimson_Rose_2065 acquired the chance to experience Lightfall ahead of its February launch. Others were uncertain if it was a game bug or a clue that the person’s GPU was about to fail. The incident was even likened to a familiar problem with Hunter cloaks getting trapped or extended into impossible angles when they move.

The upcoming Lightfall expansion for Destiny 2 appears to be the most substantial transformation of the game yet. Aside from the inclusion of Strand, the second Darkness subclass, and the new Neptune location, players will also gain access to a dedicated Loadout system, modifications to how they handle Champion enemies, and a range of other quality of life enhancements.

Destiny 2 can be enjoyed now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X. All platforms will be able to access the Lightfall expansion come February 28.

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