Destiny 2 to Increase Duration of Challenge Mode for Forthcoming Lightfall Raid

For the initial time in the Destiny 2 franchise’s background, the timeframe for the contest mode completion for its most extreme endgame activity will be lengthened. The raids in Destiny 2 have consistently been an even greater test of ability, confidence, and cooperation; necessitating six players to confront an augmented amount of complexity to earn the honor and select loot.

Since the emergence of modern MMORPGs, Raiding has been an integral part of gaming. World of Warcraft raids have been a benchmark for MMORPGs and Destiny was the first to make this type of raid popular in the looter-shooter genre. When a new Destiny raid is released, a 24-hour race takes place and players compete against each other and the clock to be the first to beat it. During this period, raid enemies are more powerful and players are limited in how much power they can gain. No other endgame activity in Destiny 2 can match this level of difficulty, as only 12 players were able to beat the Last Wish raid within the first 24 hours.

Destiny 2 to Increase Duration of Challenge Mode

According to the Destiny 2 Team’s post, the period to finish Lightfall raid has been extended to 48 hours. The competition for the raid will take place from March 10 to 12. This decision was taken to allow more teams to complete the raid on challenge mode and to keep gamers from exerting too much effort. The post finished with a promise of more information in the upcoming TWAB, including potential details of the Destiny 2 exotics that might be disabled to maintain balance. Bungie has been striving to make the raids in Destiny 2 more accessible, and this is one more stride toward that goal.

Following the introduction of The Witch Queen, Bungie determined to launch Vow of the Disciple and all subsequent raids on a Friday. At its launch, Vow of the Disciple faced serious connection issues which hindered many players from joining the raid on the first day. This technical issue caused Bungie to extend the competition mode timer for an extra 24 hours to obtain the much sought-after Day 1 Emblem. Although some players were disappointed with the 24-hour extension, the majority welcomed the decision.

At this point, there is no knowledge of the raid that will be released on Lightfall other than its launch date of March 10th. With Guardians going up against The Witness and the forces of Darkness, who knows what could come of it. Players will simply have to wait and observe if Clan Redeem can continue their success from Last Wish, or if Clan Math Class will ultimately break their streak of bad luck.

The title Destiny 2 is now available for play on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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