Destiny 2 Idea to Improve Popular Year 1 Strike

An avid Destiny 2 player has an interesting concept for the revival of a much-loved Year 1 Strike with a component from The Witch Queen expansion. Although the Vanguard playlist has several Battleground activities and Strikes, some beloved Strikes are no longer available in Destiny 2.

When Destiny 2 launched its Beyond Light expansion in 2020, the game removed a lot of its original content. This initiative received considerable player criticism, and the developer Bungie readjusted the plans. Subsequent expansions, such as The Witch Queen and Lightfall, added new content to make up for the missing material. The popular Savathun’s Song Strike has yet to be reintroduced, but one fan has proposed a concept for its return.

Players of Destiny 2 have been calling for alterations to the Stasis Fragments feature, as seen in this article.

Bestow5000, a Destiny 2 player, has put forward an interesting concept for the reintroduction of the Savathun’s Song Strike in light of the upcoming return of its main location, Titan, for Season of the Deep. This suggestion includes a number of alterations such as the addition of Hive Guardians associated with The Witch Queen, as well as new dialogue to reflect the main narrative of Season of the Deep. Other players have stated that this revised Strike could provide a great addition to the Vanguard playlist, and also supply more variety to the game.

In addition to the Savathun’s Song Strike’s return, Bestow5000 believes that the Lucent Brood should have an impactful presence on the planet of Titan. Furthermore, the Destiny 2 fan suggests that Bungie should incorporate new Legend Lost Sectors to Titan, as it was not given any significant updates prior to its removal in 2020.

Many Destiny 2 participants feel that there is not much variety in the Vanguard playlist, and bringing back the Savathun Song Strike may help to address this issue. It has been noticed that some players are not content with the number of Battleground activities in the current selection, and adding this Strike (along with others) could potentially alleviate some of the dissatisfaction.

Destiny 2 players have roughly two weeks left before the Season of the Deep starts on May 23, giving them time to wrap up any activities they have left from the preceding season, Season of Defiance. Once the new season begins, gamers will be taken on a journey that builds on the plot from Season of Defiance, and they will have the opportunity to engage in new activities and weekly quests.

Destiny 2 is now accessible to play on PC, PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox One, and the new Xbox Series X|S.

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As Destiny 2 draws to a close with its The Final Shape expansion, there are still many plot points to address. The Lightfall expansion has yet to be given a proper conclusion, so the upcoming Season of the Deep is a great chance to revisit the Witch Queen’s return and to give Xivu Arath more attention.

Recent leaks in the Destiny 2 community have led to the speculation that Season of the Deep will mostly deal with Hive activity. Consequently, Savathun, Xivu Arath, and Hive Lightbearers may return. Additionally, the season will introduce the first of Lightfall’s dungeons, thus providing the opportunity to see some familiar characters. With the seasonal playlist activities, storyline, and the new Dungeon, there are many possibilities for Season of the Deep.

One Possible Forecast: What Foes Could be Found in Destiny 2 Lightfall’s Opening Dungeon of the Season of the Deep?

Recent reports have indicated that the opening dungeon of the Destiny 2 Lightfall season could possibly be populated with both Hive and Titan enemies.

In Destiny 2, the Savathun, Xivu Arath, and Hive Lightbearers are making a comeback.

The Witch Queen expansion provided players with insight into Savathun’s backstory and their relationship with the Witness and the Traveler, but concluded with Savathun’s survival. She is now in possession of Light and a Ghost, due to infiltrating the Vanguard’s secrets as Osiris. While Guardians were able to defeat her, the Traveler revived her, meaning her return is only a matter of time.

The recent events since the Beyond Light expansion, including Guardians wielding the Stasis and Strand Darkness Subclasses, have led the Vanguard to become increasingly dependent on the forces of Darkness. This has also been reflected in Savathun’s identity as a Lightbearer and her knowledge of the Witness’ manipulation, suggesting that she is more likely to align with the Guardians as opposed to opposing them this time. Many clues in the Witch Queen expansion hinted at Savathun re-evaluating her relationship with the Witness, the Traveler, and the Vanguard’s Guardians.

In the Lightfall expansion, Savathun and Xivu Arath may make a return due to their knowledge of the Strand. Savathun learned of it while possessing Osiris, while Xivu Arath is speculated to have been able to wield it for a while now. The death of Sagira and Osiris’ capture were both possible due to Xivu Arath’s Hive magic, which has similarities with the Strand Subclasses. Despite not being able to use the Strand like Xivu Arath, Savathun was well-informed about Neptune before the Vanguard. Neither of the Hive Gods have been seen in the first season of the expansion, so it is only a matter of time until they make an appearance.

The Destiny 2 Hive Lightbearers, who have been underutilized, are hinted at making a comeback in Lightfall. A new weapon perk, Root of Nightmares, that is exclusive to these enemies and increases damage, was included. This may signify their imminent return or it could be too little too late. Savathun’s personal army is likely to return with the Hive Lightbearers and they will likely be close together.

Destiny 2 is currently out for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

Players have been expressing their disappointment with Destiny 2: Season of Defiance’s concluding mission. According to recent reports, the ending of this season came as a letdown for many in the community.

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It looks like Bungie’s Destiny 2 Season of Defiance’s grand finale has not been a success. After the much-anticipated Lightfall DLC let down its player base by failing to provide a gripping storyline and mismanaging some of its most pivotal elements, many gamers opted for the seasonal content instead, which initially appeared to be quite promising.

Many had faith that Destiny 2’s Defiance would continue Lightfall’s success, however the last quest of the Season has fallen short according to a good portion of gamers. Following the mid-season adjustments to the game, users took to the game’s official subreddit to express their opinion on the Defiance’s ultimate mission.

Bungie Takes Action Against Destiny 2 Players Utilizing Third-Party Controllers and Other Peripherals

Many Destiny 2 followers consider the Season of Defiance to be just filler material. VectorTheSpecter’s Reddit thread has become one of the most talked-about topics in the major Destiny subreddit, receiving hundreds of upvotes and other fans posting similar opinions. The culminating mission is entertaining and offers a variety of challenges, yet does not make the most of the Season’s biggest story progression, the demise of a beloved Vanguard warrior. Players have found this mission to be unimpressive, especially noting that Devrim took down the reigning Cabal Shadow Legion leader off-screen.

Speculation has been circulating that Destiny 2: Lightfall is simply a placeholder as Bungie is getting ready to release the highly-anticipated Final Shape DLC, yet the Season of Defiance has not elicited such criticism. Nevertheless, a considerable portion of gamers feel the final mission was not up to par, thus Bungie appears to have fallen short in a few areas.

It’s pertinent to note that certain elements of the Season of Defiance lore that have only been alluded to will be explicitly divulged at a later juncture. For example, no explanation has been provided for why the Shadow Legion has been abducting people, which is a pivotal plot point. Taking into account some of the traditional Cabal lore of Destiny 2, it’s likely that something is afoot behind the scenes.

As part of the Season of Defiance, Bungie launched a YouTube channel known as the Destiny 2 Cutscene Archive that provides viewers with an opportunity to watch the seasonal story as it has unfolded over the last few years. This makes it simpler for new players to get involved, although it is still not perfect. Nevertheless, it is a step in the right direction.

The popular game Destiny 2 has been released for the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S platforms.

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Bungie usually does a great job of making each new season in Destiny 2 special in its own way, especially when the main theme is cohesive. This is usually accomplished through both gameplay and storytelling, and Season of the Deep looks to follow in this tradition – especially if the recent Destiny 2 leaks turn out to be true. While Destiny 2 players are well aware of the potential pitfalls of leaks, such as the infamous pastebin document that spoiled a lot of The Witch Queen expansion before it was released.

The Lightfall era of Destiny 2 was not kept safe from leaks, and Season of the Deep is no exception with images taken from an internal Bungie meeting surfacing and revealing certain aspects of the Season 21 update. Reportedly, Season 21’s upcoming Dungeon weapons and loot pool could have a significant effect on the game’s meta if the reports prove true. While Lightfall and Season of Defiance were heavily focused on Strand, Solar, and Void builds, only Solar and Stasis seem to be featured in the Season of the Deep Dungeon weapons, suggesting a possible revival of the other Darkness subclass.

Rumors Suggest That the Stasis Element of Destiny 2 Could Play an Important Role in the Season of the Deep

In Destiny 2, Artifacts come with five rows of five mods that a player can unlock up to 12 in a given Season, and their bonuses will last until the Artifact is reset. Season of Defiance has added many powerful Artifact mods, but they are more specialized. These mods are divided into three main types: Strand, Solar and Void, each one improving its respective gameplay loop, like Volatile Rounds, Tangles and Firesprites.

Recent rumors surrounding Destiny 2 ‘s Season of the Deep have suggested that the next meta in the game could be based on Stasis, Solar, and maybe even one of the other elements such as Strand or Arc. Historically, the game’s Dungeons have been designed to reflect the meta of the launch Season or be related to it in some way. Reportedly, the Dungeon for Season 21 will include a Stasis wave frame breech grenade launcher, a Stasis rocket launcher, a Solar SMG, and a Solar rapid-fire glaive.

It makes a lot of sense to have weapons that are craftable and Stasis wave frame grenade launchers are not currently among them. As an example, Season of the Haunted included a Stasis rocket launcher called Bump in the Night, however this weapon is now sunset and can only be randomly obtained from vendors. If the Exotic from the Root of Nightmares Raid in Destiny 2 is anything to go by, then it appears that Stasis and Solar will be heavily featured in Season of the Deep.

For aficionados of Stasis, this could be very good news, since since the release of Lightfall, many Destiny 2 gamers observed a decline in its popularity due to a variety of causes, such as the novelty of Strand and the fact that Stasis had the most profound effect of the new mod system and the lack of Elemental Well mods. Nonetheless, if the Season 21 leaks turn out to be accurate, then gamers can expect to be rewarded with fresh features for the icy subclasses, including seasonal mods and fresh arms.

Destiny 2 can be found on PC, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X/S.