Boost in Exotic Shotgun Drop Rate with Destiny 2 Lightfall Raid Triumphs

Players of Destiny 2 have been eagerly anticipating the debut of the Lightfall expansion’s initial raid–Root of Nightmares–and Bungie has included some fascinating features to its Triumphs. Completing the challenges in Root of Nightmares will boost the drop rate of the raid’s Exotic shotgun, and Conditional Finality and Bungie want to ensure that players have an ample chance to get it.

On Friday, the Root of Nightmares raid became available, and Destiny 2 players are now competing in Contest Mode to pass through the raid’s encounters. So far, one secret chest has been found, though there may be more. Strategies are being shared for completing the raid and taking its rewards.

The Conditional Finality, a new Exotic shotgun, is earnable in the Root of Nightmares. Although it is not a sure reward, it is known that it can be granted as a reward for completing the showdown in Root of Nightmares. However, it is not a guarantee, as is the case with other Destiny 2 raids, where some players don’t get the Exotic to drop.

Lightfall attempts to tackle this problem intriguingly. Players can improve their chances of obtaining the Conditional Finality Exotic shotgun by completing Triumphs related to the Root of Nightmares challenges. Each of these Triumphs associated with the Root of Nightmares further increases the chances of obtaining the Exotic. The gist is that the Destiny 2 players who complete the Root of Nightmares raid and become adept at its encounters are more likely to get the Exotic.

The likelihood of Destiny 2 raiders facing undeserved consequences thanks to the randomness of the loot system is eliminated by increasing the drop rate of Exotic shotguns. Although the Exotic shotgun will not be a sure thing, those who have invested a lot of time and effort into the game should be rewarded.

Casual Destiny 2 gamers may want to hold off until Monday to take on the Root of Nightmares. However, Contest Mode for the first-ever completion race will stay open until Sunday. After that, Destiny 2 gamers can start their attempt to take on the Conditional Finality by themselves.

The latest installment of Destiny 2 can be played on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and the new Xbox Series X/S.

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