Hotfix Has Arrived for Destiny 2, Corrects Hunter Super Glitch

After a long stretch of server problems that had a global impact, Destiny 2’s most recent hotfix, version, has arrived. This update fixed the Hunter Silkstrike super and other issues, though not all of the difficulties encountered by Destiny 2 players over the past week were resolved. This patch aims to enhance the experience for those attempting the launch day raid on March 10.

Since the release of Destiny 2: Lightfall, players on all platforms have experienced a variety of technical issues, including bugged armor mods and frequent crashing on certain platforms. While some of these problems have been resolved, such as the Hunter Strand super dealing twice the intended damage, others remain. The Silkstrike Hunter super was originally designed to inflict critical damage if the tip of the dart hit enemies during attacks, however, a bug caused it to do double damage, permitting certain Guardians to quickly defeat bosses.

Since the launch of Destiny 2‘s latest expansion, the first hotfix,, has been released with a small list of patch notes. These changes are responses to the issues that players have been raising since Lightfall, such as the Silkstrike’s unintended damage buff. Bungie has tweaked the super to give critical damage for the whole duration of the attack, while balancing the damage to make up for the easier critical hits. Additionally, the hotfix has taken care of various crashes, quest-related issues, armor mod malfunctions, and more. Given their history, it is no surprise that Bungie has swiftly removed such exploits.

Destiny 2 Released

Though the details about the changes for Silkstrike were not clear from the patch notes, this news has caused some alarm for fans. Despite the unintentional damage boost, the super and the other Hunter Strand abilities have been praised for their usefulness and uniqueness. Without the ability to deliver critical damage precisely, the technique of using it would be reduced, causing many to question if the developers’ alterations would make it less effective than the other new supers.

Although some issues have yet to be addressed, fans are eager for Bungie to fix the Quicksilver Storm exotic auto rifle damage bug, as well as the performance and crashing issues, especially on PC and PS5. While more hotfixes may be on the horizon, this update is the first step toward the Root of Nightmares raid that will commence on March 10.


  • We identified a problem with the Silkstrike Super’s Light attack being able to cause double damage without being seen. We have taken away the ability for the tip of the dart to cause critical strikes, and instead, it is now possible to do so along the entire length of the dart. We have adjusted the damage level to make up for this alteration.
  • We have fixed an issue where the Arcstrider’s Disorienting Blow melee ability was not utilizing energy when it connected.
  • We have addressed an issue where the Lightfall quest only registered the campaign variation of the Hypernet Current strike. It is now possible for the quest to progress after the completion of any version of the strike.

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  • Resolved a problem that triggered the Commendations screen to fail.

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  • Resolved a problem where the Manticore, a Season of the Seraph Exotic weapon granted by a Destiny Season Pass, was not included in collections.

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  • Resolved a problem where armor mods that focus on elements were turning off when players spawned into an activity or when they respawned after dying.
  • Fixed the bug where the seasonal artifact was consuming Glimmer when resetting.
  • Fixed an issue where scavenger armor mods were mistakenly being activated in Crucible game modes.
  • Fixed a bug where players had the possibility of duplicating ammo drops.

Destiny 2 can be played on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S consoles.

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