Alterations to the Difficulty in Destiny 2 Have Rendered Some Weapons Ineffective

As the aftermath of Bungie’s new Lightfall for Destiny 2 settles, there is an understanding that the DLC has increased the level of difficulty to a degree that makes many weapons ineffective in more advanced content. It was previously indicated that this would be the case, but it could be that Bungie didn’t anticipate the effect this would have.

Ahead of the release of Lightfall, some of the Destiny 2 player bases accused a well-known streamer of being responsible for the looming difficulty increase, believing it would make the game too difficult to enjoy. Although players were concerned about this, they still wanted to wait to see how it would impact their experience.

It appears that when Destiny 2 released its Lightfall DLC, the game may have increased its difficulty level past what was reasonable. After playing for a few days, many players have concluded that the Legendary primary ammo weapons such as auto rifles, pulse rifles and SMGs are “awful” because they are too weak to be of any use in the current content. It has been observed that even the weakest enemies require a full clip from an auto rifle before dying, rendering these weapons practically useless.

The community on the most popular subreddit for this game has been discussing the issues with Destiny 2: Lightfall, but the most extreme case is with Legendary primary weapons. Exotic primary weapons have an advantage of 40% more damage against basic enemies, but the Legendaries don’t have that benefit, which has caused them to be at a disadvantage.

It is agreed by most followers that Destiny 2: Lightfall has not met expectations in several ways. Anyone who desires to reach the intended challenge level, as seen on Neomuna, will have to depend solely on their skills, keep a consistent damage buff of some kind, or simply abandon the use of primary ammo weapons and equip a double special ammo set-up instead. All these available choices include abstaining from primary armaments, the issue of which is quite straightforward.

Though many believe Lightfall to be a Destiny 2 filler DLC, gamers are wishing that Bungie resolves the mechanical issues in the game’s sandbox. Still, the developer hasn’t responded to the community’s worries yet, and it’s unlikely they’ll do so anytime soon.

Destiny 2 is now accessible on PCs, PlayStation 4 and 5, as well as Xbox One and the Xbox Series X/S.

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