Appreciation for Bungie’s Openness and Transparency from the Destiny 2 Fanbase

The Destiny 2 players appear content with the manner in which Bungie, the game developer, is communicating. Being one of the most sought-after live-service games, Destiny 2 is ever-evolving and requires that its changes, both short-term and long-term, be made known, which the current community managers have been doing competently.

In its initial days, Bungie experienced a few difficulties with Destiny 2, like the widely-recognized XP throttle incident that happened in Year 1. Nevertheless, the company has made a move to better things and the community has been grateful for this. Some community members have pointed out that this effort is often overlooked.

The Reddit user Nohopeforhumanity- has brought up the notable difference between the communication strategies of Bungie and the Call of Duty developer studios, with the latter being less likely to give updates and insight beforehand. Infinity Ward is an example, as it is renowned for not talking about its projects beforehand. Bungie, however, is highly praised for its “This Week At Bungie” blog posts which keep their player base informed.

I have been returning to grinding in Destiny 2 and am noticing the developers making an effort to improve the game. Usually when I play Warzone/Zombies, it appears that there is no care for the players. But when I look into the recent posts from Bungie, it looks like they are taking into account the community’s desires. I don’t know, it’s just been really gratifying to observe this, especially the contrast to the complete silence from Activision.

Recently, Bungie has been providing further insight into the future of Destiny 2 with in-depth blog posts. A prime example of this is the Destiny 2 build crafting blog, which is meant to both keep players up-to-date and create excitement for upcoming content, like the Lightfall DLC.

Bungie has set up a Destiny 2 community manager Twitter account to provide an up-to-date and immediate explanation of any issues, worries, and progress related to the game. It is unfortunate that this account has been created due to what may have triggered it.

Recently, Bungie had to manage a storm of harassment from some Destiny 2 players. Certain Bungie personnel and developers were targeted for their thoughts on certain decisions, which resulted in a series of death threats and other vitriol. The recently created Twitter account should help combat such problems by making it more difficult to identify which Bungie employee is using it to post information.

The highly-anticipated video game Destiny 2 is now available for a variety of platforms, including PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and the newly-released Xbox Series X/S.

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