The creator of the Rewinder game has declared the launch of a non-linear detective game called Death Trick: Double Blind.

The computer game Death Trick: Double Blind is expected to be released sometime in 2021, and it can be added to one’s Steam wishlist.

Misty Mountain Studio, the originator of The Rewinder, has publicised a new game called “Death Trick: Double Blind.” It is a non-linear detective story set in the middle of the twentieth century in America, a period known as the golden age of the circus. Players will be able to see the narrative from the perspective of two characters who have access to different pieces of data. The game’s advertising focuses on the lack of direction, providing the player a significant degree of freedom. The story will revolve around the disappearance of the circus’ primary magician, and the player will have to solve the puzzle while taking into account the gossip and assumptions of the circus staff. With limited action, the player must approach the mystery cautiously. The gamer can assemble information for their catalog, permitting them to identify inconsistencies when necessary. The completed game is anticipated to include eight animated characters, ten locations, plenty of comic panels, more than 200,000 lines of dialogue and distinct endings.

The reveal trailer (which can be seen below) gives a preview of what the narrative has in store and introduces the characters the player will have to investigate. The Rewinder, Misty Mountain’s debut game, has earned a “strongly positive” rating on Steam. The new game is being created by two members of the studio’s team, Mari Ma (producer/writer/programmer) and Jenny Yu (art/animation/UI), who were once high school friends. Death Trick: Double Blind is planned for release this year, and is available to wishlist on Steam.

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