Trophy List for the Remade Version of Dead Space Surfaces on the Internet

The trophies for the coming Dead Space revamp have been disclosed prior to the highly awaited horror game’s unveiling. Even though PlayStation trophies unveilings are typically exciting in and of themselves, to gauge the degree of difficulty of the game, there is something special about the Dead Space remake’s list. Fans of the original Dead Space can use the Trophy list to contrast the new game and the old, inspect what has been maintained, and observe what modifications EA Motive has chosen to make.

The original Dead Space was known for its very difficult selection of trophies to earn on the PlayStation. A total of nearly 50 trophies could be earned and most were based on completion, such as finishing the chapters of the game, using weapons, and taking out specific types of enemies. However, some of the trophies were quite challenging, like beating the game at its highest difficulty setting, using only the Plasma Cutter and no other weapons, and upgrading all of the weapons and equipment. In addition, there are some tricky trophies such as locating the mysterious Peng Treasure, and making it to Level 6 of the Zero-G Basketball game.

Trophy-wise, the remake of Dead Space holds many similarities to the original game but with some interesting adjustments. It appears that the narrative progression is still the same, with the same chapter-based trophies. Combat trophies are also largely similar, with a handful of odder ones from the original game removed and replaced with trophies that motivate gamers to use features like stomping, kinesis, pinning enemies, and dismembering foes.

The trophies for Dead Space are definitely noteworthy. Though the core narrative of the game appears to be intact, these trophies indicate that EA Motive may have some unexpected surprises in store for players who are familiar with the original. Furthermore, there are several hidden trophies which are particularly captivating.

dead space
  • Trophy Hunter – Collect all Trophies – Platinum
  • Welcome Aboard – Complete the Initial Chapter on any difficulty setting – Bronze
  • Lab Rat – Finish Chapter 2 on any difficulty level – Bronze
  • Everything Ready – Complete Chapter 3 on any difficulty setting – Bronze
  • Cannon Fodder – Finish Chapter 4 on any difficulty setting – Bronze
  • True Believer – Complete Chapter 5 on any difficulty setting – Bronze
  • Greenhouse Impact – Finish Chapter 6 on any difficulty setting – Bronze
  • S.O.S. – Finish Chapter 7 on any difficulty setting – Bronze
  • Unusual Transmissions – Complete Chapter 8 on any difficulty setting – Bronze
  • Debris – Finish Chapter 9 on any difficulty setting – Bronze
  • Keeper of the Faith – Complete Chapter 10 on any difficulty setting – Bronze
  • Betrayed – Finish Chapter 11 on any difficulty setting – Bronze
  • Exodus – Complete Chapter 12 on any difficulty setting – Silver
  • Last Regeneration – Uncover the Hunter’s origins – Silver
  • Whole Again – Pursue Nicole’s examination – Silver
  • Establish a Standard – Finish the game on Medium difficulty or higher – Silver
  • Invulnerable – Finish the game in Impossible Mode – Gold
  • Relied On Contractor – Complete New Game Plus on any difficulty setting – Silver
  • Full Arsenal – Own all weapons in the game – Bronze
  • Constructed to Specification – Install all weapon upgrades – Silver
  • Autofire – Kill 30 enemies with the Pulse Rifle – Bronze
  • Live with the Hot Ones – Take out 30 enemies with the Flamethrower – Bronze
  • Superior – Slaughter 30 enemies with the Ripper – Bronze
  • Pusher – Kill 30 enemies with the Force Gun – Bronze
  • Eviscerator – Destroy 30 enemies with the Line Gun – Bronze
  • Full Contact – Eliminate 30 enemies with the Contact Beam – Bronze
  • One Gun – Beat the game with just the Plasma Cutter – Silver
  • Pack Rat – Place 25 items in Storage – Bronze
  • Narrator – Collect 75 Logs – Bronze
  • Tale Spinner – Gather 150 Logs – Bronze
  • Merchant – Collect all Schematics – Bronze
  • Marksman – Dismember 50 Limbs – Bronze
  • Surgeon – Dismember 500 Limbs – Bronze
  • Wishbone – Rip off a dangling limb using Kinesis – Bronze
  • Increase the Risk – Pin an enemy – Bronze
  • Freeze – Use Stasis on 50 enemies – Bronze
  • Backbreaker – Destroy 10 enemies with a stomp attack – Bronze
  • Maxed Out – Fully upgrade all weapons and equipment – Gold
  • There’s Always Peng! – Find the Peng Treasure – Bronze
  • 9x Secret Trophy

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Those who are concerned can still experience some of the most unforgettable trophies from Dead Space. The Level 6 Zero-G basketball Trophy has been preserved. Likewise, the Peng Treasure Trophy remains intact. The Shooting Gallery Trophy has been tweaked to become “Survive the Shooting Gallery”. And as always, there are awards for finishing the game on its most challenging setting (now known as Impossible) and for beating the game only with the Plasma Cutter.

In conclusion, there is much to anticipate regarding the leaked trophies of the Dead Space remake. Nothing of major relevance from the first game seems to have been taken away, certain peculiarities have been improved, and there is even more to uncover than anticipated. The excellence of the Dead Space remake is yet to be seen, yet PlayStation trophy hunters have a lot to look forward to.

On January 27, Dead Space will be available for PC, PlayStation 5, and the Xbox Series X/S.

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