A Player Who Had Unfortunate Luck with the Dead Space Remake Obtained Nothing More Than Stasis Packs for the Last Fight

A Dead Space remake enthusiast recently revealed the prizes they got from crates in the last boss battle, which were mostly just stasis packs. Unfortunately, when a game like Dead Space has semi-random item drops, there are some players that will have an even more difficult time. But there is nothing worse than reaching the last boss and not having enough ammunition to win.

The 2023 remake of Dead Space is a survival horror title, granting players a limited number of resources. Although Dead Space ensures players won’t lack the means to progress, the randomness of the item drops can make some sections easier than others. The last boss battle of Dead Space has been known to cause frustrations amongst gamers.

An image posted to the Dead Space subreddit, titled “Final battle and all the crates gave me stasis pods,” speaks to the players’ irritation. The photo displays the protagonist Isaac Clarke’s inventory, with the top two rows filled almost exclusively with stasis packs. These supplies are typically very beneficial in many parts of the game, however, they are of little use during the last confrontation.

Players have observed that during the climactic confrontation in Dead Space, ammo is notably absent. Rather, the arena includes more than a dozen crates. It is not known why these particular containers are unable to provide the desired ammunition, but a number of Dead Space remake gamers have encountered similar frustrating experiences where stasis packs are made available only when ammunition is desperately needed.

It has been suggested that the AI in Dead Space is purposely set up to ensure that gamers are always short on ammo. The idea is that, if they have a good amount of ammo, they will be less likely to find more in boxes. This would mean that they would not have the necessary supplies to face the final boss. Of course, this is just a hypothesis.

All in all, Dead Space is a title of the survival horror genre and the scarcity of ammo from various crates is the last annoying thing for gamers to confront. This may seem absurd, but it should not ruin the overall gameplay or the complete game. On the other hand, it does form a nice basis for players of Dead Space to share their experiences.

Dead Space is accessible now for gamers on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S platforms.

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