Leaks of Dead Rising 5 Gameplay Surface on the Web

Enthusiasts of Capcom’s Dead Rising franchise have uncovered an abundance of concept art and video clips from the axed Dead Rising 5, giving gamers a glimpse into what was in store for them in the series’ fifth installment. Although the series resurfaced in 2021 as part of a Dead Rising and Teppen collaboration, no numbered Dead Rising game has been released since 2016’s unimpressive Dead Rising 4.

When it debuted in 2006, Capcom’s Dead Rising franchise was a massive success, with players taking on the role of Frank West, a photojournalist, as he valiantly tried to fight off the zombie hordes in a Colorado mall. The title was well-received for its ability to handle an enormous amount of onscreen enemies, as well as the amusing ways Frank could eliminate them with the various makeshift weapons. Sadly, the later entries of the series moved away from the more comedic feel of the first game, becoming darker in nature, and the series was put on hiatus after Dead Rising 5 was ultimately canceled due to its troubled development.

Gamers who are curious to see what Dead Rising 5 would have looked like can now take a peek at recently discovered screenshots and video of the title. Found on the portfolio page of a former technical-level designer, the clips and images show protagonist Chuck Greene fighting his way through jungles and cities, which appear to be located somewhere in Latin America. By clicking here, gamers can view a short video that features Chuck taking on hordes of zombies, conversing with NPCs, and battling against a scythe-carrying enemy.

Dead Rising 5 Gameplay

This portfolio of never-before-seen material for a canceled game reveals a more lighthearted style, which is more in tune with the origin of Dead Rising titles than its controversial, dark sequels. It is also apparent that Dead Rising 5 would have had a more organized loot system. Sadly, zombie aficionados will have to rely on titles like Capcom’s Resident Evil 4 remake for their undead thrills, yet the new media indicates that the well-known zombie series may have still had some life in it.

Those gamers who were disheartened to hear the news of Dead Rising 5 being canceled may be feeling a mix of emotions when they see glimpses of what could have been. Unfortunately, they won’t be able to enter the Dead Rising realm shortly, but the upcoming zombie MMO The Day Before might be able to offer them a similar type of thrilling undead-bashing.

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