Mutation Abilities of Dead Island 2 Are Lethal

Dead Island 2, the much-anticipated zombie-themed action RPG from Dambuster Studios, will be introducing a system that permits gamers to access their own mutation abilities, as evidenced in the recent demonstration of extended gameplay. With Endnight’s Sons of the Forest being a triumph for the indie scene and the imminent Resident Evil 4 remake being a contender in the AAA bracket, this truly is a thrilling period for fans of horror games.

After the original Dead Island came out in 2011, players who have been anticipating its follow-up were delighted to hear that Dead Island 2 was moved up to April 21. Though the initial game in the franchise did not live up to the expectations of many, the upcoming second part has been highly anticipated for quite a while. This installment is said to have a more lighthearted approach, which can be seen in the promotional videos.

Recently, a new video has been released showing what gamers can look forward to in Dead Island 2. While it is still in the development phase, the gameplay video gives us a glimpse of the world and action. One of the most fascinating features is the ability to mutate. In the footage, Dani, one of the six playable characters, is seen taking advantage of her “corrupted DNA” to become more powerful, allowing her to use “explosive abilities” similar to the undead. This appears to be a great addition to the combat system; however, the narrator mentions that this feature will not be available in the early stages of the game.

A gruesome feature, Dead Island 2’s FLESH system, was also featured in the video. This procedural feature allows players to get a sense of bloodlust as they dismember zombies in a particularly bloody manner. Overall, the extended gameplay serves as a tantalizing peek into what the game has to offer.

It looks like zombie games are regaining some of their lost popularity. Titles such as Dying Light 2, Back 4 Blood and Dead Island 2 should satisfy the hunger of gamers looking to battle the living dead. If the recently released footage from Dambuster is anything to go by, horror and action fans are in for a treat with the upcoming game set in a fictionalized version of LA.

Dead Island 2 will be available for purchase on April 28 for the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S platforms.

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