Tome 14 for Dead By Daylight Brings Fresh Memories, Costumes, and Difficulties

Behaviour Interactive has unveiled Tome 14 of Dead By Daylight, which features a range of new memories, attire, and tasks that were highlighted in an artistic trailer. This is just one of the many updates that have kept this live-service title a fan-favorite since 2016 with its Tomes, exceptional collaborations, and more, that continually draw in gamers and streamers.

In the latest Dead By Daylight patch notes, Behaviour Interactive has also released a video for Tome 14 that starts off with a stunning animation before transitioning to gameplay clips highlighting the new content. With the Dead By Daylight year 7 roadmap update, various horror-themed skins were added, such as the Resident Evil skins. Further, the Lunar New Year event has been a major attraction for the title, adding to the seasonal content already present.

The fourteenth Tome of Dead By Daylight provides three recollections, five unique costumes, and tasks for The Knight and Vittorio Toscano that can assist gamers in filling their lobbies as part of the community progresses through the paid portion of Tome 14. As with its previous installments, the latest Tome offers a cost-free track that offers its own rewards such as cosmetics for Kate Denson, The Nurse, and others. People who complete all 70 tiers of Tome 14 will be able to unlock Deep Rift Outfits for different characters in the game, while the free version possesses 500,000 Bloodpoints to use on additional items.

The story behind Tome 14’s Dead By Daylight Knight is one of revenge, with the character displaying the power they possess by taking down soldiers like themselves. Vittorio Toscano’s narrative includes a journey through different Realms, such as farms, forests, and swamps, to uncover their secrets. In addition, these challenges bring exclusive content to the game, like perks and lore entries to further the plot of Dead By Daylight.

The content roadmap for Dead By Daylight stretches beyond Tome 14, and players have the option to join either the paid or free cosmetic tracks. Completing the 70 tiers of Tome 14 could take players numerous hours, thus providing them with a strong incentive to participate even without the cosmetics.

Dead By Daylight can now be played on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S platforms.

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