A Latest Side-Scrolling Battle Royale Game: Dead Cide Club

PressA, the creator of the game Dead Cide Club, has unveiled a launch trailer along with its official launch date. This free-to-play side-scrolling action game has many modes, including Battle Royale and a cooperative mode. Dead Cide Club will be available soon.

Almost a year ago, Dead Cide Club was made known on Steam by PressA. Afterward, the project team called on players to partake in the Closed Beta testing phase that was projected to start in April 2022, a move that many game developers have been taking lately. During this period, players were given access to the Battle Royale mode and BeHolder, a special mode that enabled them to form their own rules and initiate private contests.

The newly released trailer for the title displays what one would expect from a game of this type – fast-paced action scenes, access to new weapons, and an array of wacky skins including horse heads, dinosaur suits, and the classic black and white striped prisoner outfit. Gameplay consists of shooting enemies with guns, throwing weapons such as grenades, and the increasingly popular grappling hook mechanic, contributing to the frenetic combat. The release date of February 27 is also revealed in the trailer.

In Dead Cide Club, gamers can select from a variety of game modes. One of the most prominent is the Battle Royale mode wherein players attempt to outlast their competitors by either going solo or joining a squad. Cooperative mode, however, is also available, allowing gamers to join forces with their friends to combat computer-controlled adversaries while gathering coins to buy upgrades for their weapons and other items. Furthermore, seven cartels are provided, such as Gangsters, Nerds, Prisoners, Agents, Psychopaths, Hipsters, and Soldiers. This choice will determine various abilities, and also the character’s narrative, bonuses, and access to armaments. Subsequently, there should be a wide range of playing styles supported by the different factions.

When it comes to free-to-play games, Dead Cide Club will be facing stiff competition, as monetization is heavily dependent on in-game purchases and player loyalty. Fortnite, for example, appeals to a comparable demographic, and it has regular live events that keep gamers from leaving by presenting them with content they’ll miss out on if they take a break from the game. In the coming months, players will soon find out what strategies PressA is going to use to keep interest in the title high even after the launch.

The PC and PlayStation 5 versions of Dead Cide Club will be released on February 27.

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