Valve Takes Out Counter-Strike Global Offensive’s AWP Skin Following Claim of Art Theft

Due to claims of theft, Valve has withdrawn a weapon skin from Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Weapon skins are highly sought after in the _Counter Strike: Global Offensive. _There is a passionate group of gamers who generate their artwork in the game, and these are occasionally included in the weapon collections so that players can employ them in-game.

Despite being around since 2012, Counter Strike: Global Offensive continues to be one of the most popular first-person shooters. In 2023, many may have expected players to have moved on to more recent titles, yet CS:GO recently achieved its all-time concurrent player record, with over 1 million gamers playing at the same time. Additionally, there exists a vibrant community of creators who design new skins for the game, hoping they will be included in a new weapon collection. Not only do they get bragging rights, but they may also receive a cash payout from Valve if their artwork is used.

Valve chose to replace the Doodle Lore AWP skin with the Duality AWP skin as a response to the controversy surrounding it. Vexx, a prominent YouTuber, had created the dragon artwork featured on the skin. This isn’t the first time Valve has had to deal with accusations of art theft; the M4A4 Howl skin was the subject of a similar situation, though the company resolved it by stopping the distribution of the skin instead of removing it entirely and giving the remaining skins their own rarity grade which was named Contraband, making it one of the rarest skins in CS:GO. Players had wished that the Doodle Lore might receive the same treatment, but Valve decided otherwise.

The Revolution collection was not only noted for the Doodle Lore AWP, but also for the M4A4 skin, the Temukau. This one was said to have copied an anime character from another skin creator; however, it was not taken out of the game. The price tags of CS:GO skins are often correspondingly high depending on their rarity. To prevent a contentious skin from becoming excessively expensive, Valve probably made the sensible decision to rid of it.

To demonstrate the scale of the skin market, a CS:GO streamer exchanged a collection of rare skins for a BMW car. These skins are not easy to come by and some players invest a great deal of money attempting to get them by opening weapon cases with no luck. If Valve decided to add a weapon to the Contraband tier, the Counter Strike: Global Offensive skin market would be greatly affected. Unfortunately, these cases of art theft are only uncovered after the skin is made available to the public. It is hoped that Valve takes appropriate action to prevent this from occurring again.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive can be played on a variety of platforms, such as Mobile, PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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