Data Analysis Reveals That Counter-Strike 2 Might Be On Its Way Out to the Public

It appears that data miners have uncovered evidence that Counter-Strike 2 could be nearing completion and may be released before fans are expecting. Since its initial launch in 2000, the Counter-Strike _ series has been the pinnacle of the tactical shooter genre, and now may be the perfect time to modernize it.

Since its launch in 2012, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been setting new player records, making it one of the leading names in the industry. Its simple gameplay, coupled with the Esports scene, and the alluring skin market have all been reasons for the game’s high play rate. Nevertheless, Valve’s other major multiplayer title, Dota 2, had its Source 2 update back in 2015, so Counter-Strike is overdue for a similar upgrade, whether it be an edition or a sequel.

This week, the possibility of Counter-Strike 2 was first brought up due to an Nvidia driver leak. Subsequent data mining revealed a Source 2 version of Counter-Strike Global Offensive was in progress. Esports journalist Richard Lewis stated it is more than an engine upgrade and Valve will rename it Counter-Strike 2. Remarkably, a Beta version of Counter-Strike 2 is expected to be launched this month.

Counter-Strike 2 in Development

Rumors have it that Counter-Strike 2 if released, would provide features that fans have been longing for. According to sources, the matchmaking servers would be 128-tick, leading to a more enjoyable online play experience. Additionally, the matchmaking system would supposedly be improved to prevent players from using third-party services such as FACEIT. Furthermore, the game is said to receive a graphical upgrade due to the shift to a new engine. However, no confirmation has been given by Valve, so this should still be taken as a rumor.

The players have expressed their worries about what would happen to their skins if they switched over to Counter-Strike 2. Skins in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a major source of income for Valve, so it’s unlikely that they would be taken away from them. Additionally, the Esports scene has been a big contributor to Counter-Strike ‘s revival, and many professionals are accustomed to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which could lead to a split in the scene. This is reminiscent of the release of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive when players were hesitant to move away from Counter-Strike 1.6. However, it’s still possible that Counter-Strike 2 will be released as an expansion of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive rather than a separate game.

Rumors are spreading that Counter-Strike 2 might be in the works.

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