A New Installment of Civilization is Being Developed

2K recently revealed that the next installment in its renowned turn-based strategy 4X series, Civilization 7, is currently in production. The original version of Civilization, designed by Sid Meier, premiered in 1991. Despite the many years that have gone by, Firaxis Games has stayed faithful to Meier’s original vision for the series. While Civilization 7 will certainly be an advancement from Civilization 6, fans of the franchise are well aware of what to expect from the sequel, and that is what keeps them loyal.

Six years have passed since Civilization 6 was first released, but Firaxis Games has not abandoned the game. They have supplied it with its most comprehensive post-release support, which consists of civilization packs, scenario packs, large expansions such as Rise and Fall and Gathering Storm, free updates like Red Death, and more recently, its renowned Frontier Pass and Leader Pass. Civilization 6 content is still being released today, demonstrating the loyalty of the series’ followers.

The news about the progress of Civilization 7 was divulged without much hype. A statement was shared on the Civilization Twitter page that read, “Fresh off the presses. In the works: the next Civ game!” Heather Hazen, who is the new director of Firaxis Games, announced that Firaxis is planning to “take Civilization to exciting new levels.” Additionally, it has been made known that Civilization 6 director Ed Beach will stay on as creative director for Civilization 7.

Firaxis opted to make a big announcement in response to the confirmation that XCOM 2 and Marvel’s Midnight Suns director Jake Solomon was leaving the company, rather than allowing the disheartening news of studio leadership turbulence to linger. This could be seen as the studio pressing a reset button and beginning a new era with the announcement of the upcoming Civilization sequel.

It is essential to point out that Civilization 7 has not been officially announced, though it is what the Civilization supporters are likely to refer to it as presently. Firaxis may opt for an alternate naming system, such as just Civilization or possibly incorporating a new subtitle. On the other hand, they could go an entirely different route with their next Civilization game, including a fantasy or science-fiction spin-off of Civilization or a licensed partnership. It is still too early to tell.

Firaxis recently concluded Marvel’s Midnight Suns, but more content is yet to arrive. Development of Civilization 7 is probably still in its early stages and the process of creating it will likely take a few more years. With that in mind, the team at Firaxis will likely keep followers of the game informed on its progress in the foreseeable future.

Development of Civilization 7 is underway.

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