Pokemon Fan Creates Charizard Controller Stands for Gamers

A Pokemon enthusiast crafted controller stands in the image of Charizard. As one of the most iconic Pokemon, there are many pieces of fan art dedicated to it on the web. These controller stands, however, set themselves apart as they have a practical use.

The Pokemon series’ initial installment featured Charmander as one of its Kanto starters, and this has earned Charizard, its final form, a large following. This is in part due to its eye-catching draconic design. A fan recently suggested that the head of the majestic creature could be put to practical use.

A Reddit user, Excellent_Echidna_95, recently posted a picture of something they had made that was Pokemon-themed. The fan art was a collection of eight controller stands in the shape of a Charizard, each with a different color. Not only were these stands impressive due to their Charizard-resemblance, but they actually worked for many types of devices. This was evident in the image, which showed both Xbox and GameCube controllers, as well as a smartphone and a Nintendo 3DS, resting on top of the stands.

One of my best projects! 🔥
by u/Excellent_Echidna_95 in pokemon

Excellent_Echidna_95 shared a fan art post on Reddit, and included a fiery image, expressing their approval of the design. The Pokemon-inspired design quickly caught the attention of many fans, which was further evidenced by the hundreds of upvotes it received within a day. Many gamers were eager to purchase one of their own Charizard controller stands, and asked the creator if it was available on Etsy.

The recent completion of Excellent_Echidna_95’s Charizard controller stand has led to a wave of real-life objects based on Pokemon being created. For example, one fan created a life-sized stained glass statue of Squirtle. It will be interesting to see if they or other fans create additional stands based on other Pokemon. With over 1,000 creatures featured in the franchise, there are many possibilities for making stands with the right shape.