Call of Duty 2023 Leak: Revealing the Date of the Game’s Public Reveal

It appears that the much-anticipated Call of Duty for 2023 could be revealed on August 1, given all the current rumors and leaks. This is a fairly common occurrence with this franchise as Call of Duty leaks tend to happen around this time each year.

It had been suggested that Activision wouldn’t be releasing a new installment of Call of Duty this year, which would be the first time that’s happened since 2005. Nevertheless, the company has denied these reports and the public is currently expecting the game to launch this holiday season. No official information has been released yet, however, there might have been a leak of a key date for Call of Duty enthusiasts to look out for.

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Tom Henderson from Insider Gaming, a reliable source for Call of Duty rumors, predicted that the next title in the FPS series will be unveiled on Tuesday, August 1st. This unveiling is supposedly happening via an in-game event, similar to the way Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War was revealed a few years ago. Although the August 1st date is “penciled in,” the plans may still be subject to change.

It is wise to be dubious of rumors, but Henderson has been correct on multiple occasions when it comes to Call of Duty news. Therefore, if the new game is only announced in August, it will be just a few months before the game officially launches. This has both its benefits and drawbacks, but it does mean that players won’t have to wait too long after its unveiling for a beta to be released.

It was previously speculated that the 2023 Call of Duty title may be an expansion of Modern Warfare 2 rather than a completely new game, but no official confirmation has been given by Activision. Until more information is available, fans of the franchise can look forward to new content for both Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty: Warzone 2 to pass the time.

Work on Call of Duty 2023 is currently underway.

It appears that Call of Duty 2024 could potentially bring back a feature that has been absent for a while: an emblem editor for customization. This article on Gamerant looks at why this could be a great move.

It has been reported that the reveal date of the upcoming Call of Duty installment could be sometime in 2023. This information was obtained from the website Insider Gaming, which provides news and updates related to gaming. An exact date has yet to be revealed, but the anticipation is already building.