Developers of Blood Bowl 3 Offer Apology After Server Problems and Monetization Conflict

The launch of Blood Bowl 3 was very much hoped for, however, the game’s reception has been anything but positive. This has caused the developers to issue an apology for the issues that have been present since launch and those that have arisen since. Fans have been vocal in their dissatisfaction with Blood Bowl 3, leading to a wave of criticism.

Before the launch of Blood Bowl 3, Cyanide Studio declared the introduction of a battle pass, which was called Blood Pass. This battle pass had two tiers, a free and a paid one, which caused a lot of resentment among the fans. They asked for its elimination but their request was not taken into consideration. Things only got worse when the game’s early access period experienced server connectivity issues. After the game was released, these issues became even more prominent and increased the frustration of the players.

Shortly after the release of Blood Bowl 3, Steam’s community update revealed that out of the 945 reviews, 72% were negative, consequently putting the game in the “Mostly Negative” category. The developers at Cyanide Studio have provided a comprehensive list of the issues that fans identified and addressed of them. To address the server connectivity issues, the devs have supposedly made improvements to it. At the same time, the Blood Pass system received support from the developers, claiming that it is fair, rewarding and optional and that it does not create an unfair advantage.

An issue arose when some players who purchased the standard version of Blood Bowl 3 were mistakenly given the Brutal Edition. To resolve this, Cyanide Studio stated that they would not take away the additional 1,000 Warpstones the players received, but they would take away the customization options. Furthermore, players that bought the Brutal Edition will be given an additional 1,000 Warpstones and Early Unlock players will be given an extra 250 Warpstones. However, some fans reported that their Warpstones had been taken away even though they only purchased the standard edition.

The launch of Blood Bowl 3 has proven to be exceptionally difficult, with many people asking for their money back. Now, it is up to Cyanide Studio to make up for the poor beginning.

The latest installment in the Blood Bowl franchise is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. A Switch version of the game will be arriving shortly.

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