Blizzard Unveils Costly Diablo 4 Sculpture of Inarius

Blizzard has announced its newest statue, a representation of the archangel Inarius, for their upcoming game Diablo 4. As the game’s June 2 release date draws closer, Blizzard is capitalizing on the hype with high-quality merchandise. This is not the first Diablo 4 statue from Blizzard, however, it is the largest and most intricate one to have been made.

The Diablo franchise features Inarius as a vital figure, yet he has not appeared in any of the three main games yet. With a desire to put an end to the struggle between heaven and hell, Inarius fell in love with Lilith, a demon. As a result of their love, Sanctuary was formed and the Nephalem were born, which would eventually become the human race over time. Eventually, Inarius and Lilith were overcome with insanity and confined, yet for Diablo 4 they regained their liberty.

Blizzard has unveiled a new statue of Inarius at a time of his greatest despair. After the Sin War came to a close, Inarius was taken away from the Worldstone and locked up by Mephisto. The figure Blizzard is selling shows Inarius in shackles, suffering for eternity in the Burning Hells. He still wears his angelic armor and his wings stretch outward, however, his feet are situated in the tumultuous wasteland of the underworld.

The Inarius statue is an incredibly large 22.5 x 8 x 26 inches and weighs 19 pounds. The construction of the statue consists of 80% polyresin and 20% PVC, which accounts for the materials used to make the body and wings. The product listing also states that the statue is hand-painted, which may be a factor behind the hefty $1,100 before shipping.

Blizzard’s statue of Inarius and Lilith is remarkable, but what makes it particularly alluring to Diablo fans is its connection to Diablo 4’s narrative. The cinematics for the game has pointed to the two characters, the progenitors of humanity, being at odds. What was the impetus for their separation and what does it mean for Sanctuary and humanity will be important questions that will be posed in Diablo 4’s story.

To match Diablo 4, Blizzard has released a premium statue of the demon Lilith. This figure stands 24.5 inches tall and weighs 19 pounds, and can be pre-ordered for $600. The price difference may stem from the size and complexity of its design; the wings are particularly intricate. Nonetheless, devoted Diablo 4 fans can have Lilith and Diablo together on their shelves, assuming they can afford it.

Diablo 4 will become available on June 2 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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