Bill Hader Plans Horror Movie Similar to Barry: All You Need to Know

Once the highly popular HBO show Barry comes to a close, lead actor and showrunner Bill Hader has a few potential projects in mind, one of which might be a horror story that would delight loyal Barry fans.

Hader, the brain behind Barry’s production as a dark comedy, has revealed he is occupied with two projects. One of them follows the same concept as Barry, only instead of a hitman trying to transition to a peaceful, cheerful life, it is a horror.

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When speaking to Deadline, Hader elaborated on some projects he might pursue in the future, including one that Barry followers might be keen on. “I have two other ideas too. One is a bit hard to explain and the other is Barry-like in tone, but instead of criminal-related, it’s a horror-based one.” Hader also included another tidbit concerning the horror project. “For the horror one, I would play the lead.”

Without offering many specifics, Hader has planned to create a horror project that he will star in, similar to Barry. After having successfully demonstrated his capabilities in his role as Barry Berkman by managing to find a balance between darkness and comedy, fans should have confidence in his upcoming project. He has already proven he can make a captivating blend of comedy and drama about a person seeking a regular, content existence instead of one in the criminal world, so it stands to reason that he could do the same with this project.

The entertainment industry has seen notable figures known for comedic work transition to horror in the past. Jordan Peele is a prime example, having gained recognition with his sketch show Key & Peele, before releasing Get Out, Us, and Nope. Similarly, Bill Hader has become a Hollywood name due to his work in Barry. While the series is not officially classified as horror, its realistically dark atmosphere is accomplished with such finesse that it would not be surprising to see Hader transition to horror.

If Bill Hader opts to go ahead with this plan, he should not be rushed. There was a three-year break between Barry seasons 2 and 3 due to the pandemic, however the extra time taken to make season 3 a successful follow-up to its predecessors was worth it as the added intensity, although it could have been disconcerting at first, actually ended up improving the show. Hader has exhibited his remarkable talent as a director, so he should be given the chance to do what he believes is best.

Barry is concluding with its last episodes on HBO and airing brand new ones on HBO Max every Sunday.

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