Beware of Starfield Open Beta Scam: Protect Your Gaming Account from Online Scammers

Currently, an Starfield open beta scam is being circulated on Google, so gamers should be aware of this potential danger. This particular Starfield scam is only one instance of a variety of open beta scams that try to deceive players by offering them exclusive content at no cost, but the aim is really to confiscate their private data.

Despite not having a release date yet, Starfield is nonetheless one of the most highly-anticipated RPGs of 2023. Developed by Bethesda, the studio who created the timeless classic Skyrim, this new title will take gamers out of their comfort zone and into the depths of space. In addition, Starfield will also launch on Xbox Game Pass, making it available for both PC and Xbox players. The long wait for the game, however, has also made it a target of various scams.

It has come to light that Starfield has silently taken away the Russian language option.

Gamers should be aware of a deceptive new Starfield scam that has been spotted by PC Gamer. It is spread via a sponsored link on Google for those searching for Starfield. The website hosting it is “bizongrow dot com” and redirects to “starfiÄ™ld dot com”, which uses an accent to confuse people. On the page, there is a button to download a demo, but it likely installs malware instead. The site was registered at the start of April and has been up for a week, with no signs of being taken down yet. Therefore, it is essential not to click on the link.

Unfortunately, it is not rare to find scams related to beta tests. For instance, in March there was an invitation for people to try out Counter-Strike 2, however, it was a fake beta. The intention behind this, similarly to the present scam, was to get hold of personal information from users, in this case, their Steam logins.

Players who are eager to experience Starfield won’t have any other option but to wait until September and not respond to any offers of beta tests that don’t appear on the Bethesda or Starfield website. When it is eventually released, it will have to compete with other games such as the forthcoming Spider-Man 2 and Baldur’s Gate 3 which are planned to be released near to each other. Nonetheless, the lengthy wait for Starfield won’t put off gamers from enjoying it.

Starfield is set to come out on September 6 for PC and Xbox Series X/S platforms.