Dataminers Say They Have Uncovered Images of the Map for Battlefield 2042’s Upcoming Season

Famous Battlefield 2042 data miner Temporal recently revealed some images from the game’s season four, indicating that the next map is located in South Africa. The images are reported to display different areas of the upcoming map, which is said to be named Flashpoint.

The informant stated that the fresh area contains up to ten distinct points of interest. Examining the names of the points, it appears as though gamers will traverse a developing installation in desert terrain. The exact kind of meteorological disturbance that will appear on the new map is not yet identified, but we should learn more once DICE publicly announces the upcoming season.

It should be noted that all the details shared have been accumulated through data mining and thus, there is no guarantee that the leaked map will be used in the game. According to the leaker, the official announcement regarding the new season is expected to be made sometime in mid-February.

Update 3.2 for Battlefield 2042 is scheduled for this week and it brings back the class system to the game. This is a much-requested feature by the community, however.

DICE is in the middle of revamping Breakthrough and incorporating new arms and thermal scopes. However, they are yet to announce the precise date of when the patch will be released, although it will be during this week. Additionally, they are also dividing the game’s experts into four categories.

Although Battlefield 2042 has seen a lackluster launch and hardly gained over 10,000 concurrent players on Steam since 2022, DICE is still devoted to maintaining the game in 2023 by introducing new features. One of these features is the reintroduction of the classic class system in an attempt to gain back the support of the community.

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