An Easter Egg from Mirror’s Edge Discovered on New Battlefield 2042 Map

Recently, a Battlefield 2042 user uncovered a Mirror’s Edge Easter egg located in a map of the military first-person shooter. The secret reference to the former action title from DICE can be found in the newly released Flashpoint map of Battlefield 2042, but it can be tough to locate.

When Battlefield 2042 was initially launched in 2021, critiques were not in its favor. However, the developers at DICE have been steadily releasing updates with new maps, weaponry, and other features to improve the gaming experience. The most recent update, Season 4: The Eleventh Hour, introduced the map Flashpoint, situated in South Africa. This map was specially crafted for close-range combat. Thanks to these regular updates, the game has managed to survive despite its lackluster launch.

It has been suggested that the upcoming release of Battlefield 2042 could potentially reintroduce an old favorite feature: All-Chat.

In his latest Battlefield 2042 video featuring content from the 4.0.0 update, YouTuber DANNYonPC unveiled an Easter egg from Mirror’s Edge. In the clip, viewers can spot the player parachuting off an airplane and then gliding down onto a crane in the Flashpoint map, where they find a pair of red shoes.

The couple of shoes in this particular place is a reminder of the Mirror’s Edge protagonist, Faith, who typically wore the same red footgear. She would also often use cranes and other objects to do parkour moves in the original game. Unfortunately, gamers can only keep wishing for the revival of Mirror’s Edge, and the Easter egg in the Battlefield 2042 map is the only thing they can get for now. Although the 2008 game was considered a cult classic and was followed by a prequel, it never achieved the same level of fame as Battlefield. Furthermore, because it is getting regular updates, DICE is currently preoccupied with the new seasons of Battlefield 2042.

The year 2023 is bound to be a crucial one for DICE’s Battlefield franchise. Although Battlefield 3 and 4 had great success, the subsequent installments were not as well received. EA is looking to reverse this with the launch of Battlefield 2042 and will be continuing to roll out updates with new weapons, vehicles and maps, beginning with Season 4. Season 5 is also confirmed, though there is no fixed release date yet.

Now available on a variety of platforms, Battlefield 2042 can be experienced on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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