New Version 3.2 of “Return To Class System” in Battlefield 2042 Set To Launch Next Week

EA has declared that the much-awaited 3.2 update of Battlefield 2042 will be released the coming week.

In response to player feedback regarding the blurring of roles and the lack of class distinction in-game, the new update is introducing a “return to the class system,” a feature that was a prominent element in earlier Battlefield titles.

The four primary classes of Assault, Engineer, Support and Recon are making a comeback in Battlefield 2042. To give a better understanding of the alterations, we have composed an explanation here.

The game’s specialists have been divided up into different categories. Mackay, Dozer, Sundance, and Zain are in the assault class. Boris, Crawford, and Lis are engineers. Falck, Angel, and Irish are supports. Lastly, the recon class consists of Paik, Casper, and Rao.

Battlefield 2042 3.2 Update Launching

Every class will have a signature device to distinguish them in the fight. For example, the Assault class will have a Med Pen, Engineers will have a Repair Tool, Recon will have an Insertion Beacon, and Support class will receive a Defibrillator.

In Patch 3.2, Breakaway will receive a substantial revamp. The dev has declared that “better cover and updated travel between flags” will be available. Moreover, the oil rig has been shifted nearer to bring more excitement to battles. Moreover, the snow and ice shaders have been adjusted.

The new class system in Battlefield 2042 has stirred up mixed reactions in the community. Robert Zak, our resident expert on the game, has shared his thoughts on the new patch.

EA has yet to make the full patch notes available, however, a dev blog was published last week that detailed numerous plans for 3.2. This blog can be found here.

Battlefield 2042 available now on Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

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