New Overview Trailer Offers Comprehensive Look at Gameplay of Atomic Heart

Mundfish, the developer behind Atomic Heart, has produced a new trailer for the public that is almost nine minutes in length and provides a comprehensive look into the game’s mechanics and combat. Atomic Heart has been in the works for quite a while, and this trailer offers a glimpse into the game’s setting, plot, fights, and armaments.

Atomic Heart, an action roleplaying game with immersive sim elements, was initially revealed in 2017 with a trailer and was then featured in a series of other trailers providing further details about its gameplay. Development, however, was slowed due to a combination of “youth, ambition, innovation and new technology” as stated by Robert Bagratuni, the game director, to Eurogamer. Mundfish, the studio behind the game, eventually had to cut large portions of Atomic Heart, including the planned multiplayer mode, to speed up development.

Set in the Soviet Union in the year 1955, Atomic Heart’s story starts with Soviet scientist Dimitry Sechenov creating a series of robots that are powered by AI and take charge of manual labor. People were living a life of comfort and comfort as the machines did all the hard work. Unfortunately, someone meddled with the technology, which resulted in the machines turning on humans and destroying the utopia. Players take on the role of P-3, an elite soldier chosen by Sechenov to discover the cause of the reprogramming and to bring back the neural network to its original, peaceful state.

Atomic Heart Trailer

As P-3 in Atomic Heart, gamers will discover Facility 3826, a scientific research center located in a mountainous area. Players will encounter numerous adversaries based on the work conducted in each of the five labs. The trailer shows a range of cinematic scenes with captivating plot turns, perplexing spatial riddles, and thrilling combat situations with weapons such as an ax and handheld railguns.

The player is accompanied by CHAR-les, an AI that lives within a specialized glove on the protagonist’s left hand, manifesting as a bundle of snakelike black wires. CHAR-les will provide information about the story, NPCs, and the protagonist’s backstory. Additionally, the AI can manipulate robots, and equipment, and even employ ice and telekinetic powers in combat. Mundfish has declared that Atomic Heart is a “way crazier” version of Doom and Wolfenstein, but the overview trailer suggests a heavy influence from BioShock as it innovates on the immersive sim.

Atomic Heart will be available on February 21st for PC, PS4, Xbox One and the Xbox Series X/S.

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