Improvements for Atomic Heart to be Introduced in Upcoming Release

Mundfish, the developer of Atomic Heart, has posted an update on the game’s subReddit, providing details on when gamers can expect to see certain fixes. After a lengthy development, Atomic Heart was released and has drawn comparisons to other action RPGs such as BioShock. In addition to its weapons and elemental abilities, the game has also been compared to Bethesda’s modern version of the Wolfenstein series due to its alternative historical world design and tech-oriented themes.

Mundfish launched Atomic Heart in February, but the launch was unfortunately impaired by technical issues, such as the ray tracing option being absent from the PC version. Although the modding community has tried to rectify the issue, Mundfish is still working on resolving the problems and has released an update to inform their followers.

Mundfish released a State of the Game style post on the Atomic Heart subReddit in which they expressed gratitude to the fan base for their forbearance while they addressed a few problems. Four significant difficulties were outlined with an update on the progress being made to resolve them and an idea of when a patch may be available.

An issue has been identified with the Neuromodule bug, which can keep players from harvesting the resource after they have finished a boss battle in Atomic Heart. Mundfish is reported to have a remedy even for older saved games. Additionally, glitched achievements have been the target of an upcoming patch. Enhancing game stability has been a major priority of the development team, with daily improvements being made. The white TV screen problem is also nearing completion.

Mundfish, as usual, could not give an exact time frame for when they plan to issue a patch due to the possibility of shifts in development throughout the process of adapting it to multiple platforms. Consequently, Atomic Heart viewers will have to remain patient for the time being.

Despite the difficulties faced by many, some gamers are still trying to make their way through the game at a lightning-fast pace. A particular player has even finished Atomic Heart in seven minutes, thanks to certain loopholes and bugs that can be exploited to reduce the completion time. Although, it is uncertain how long this record will last.

The PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S platforms all now have access to Atomic Heart.

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