Asus ROG Ally Price and Release Date Revealed for Gaming Enthusiasts

Asus’ ROG Ally is due to hit the shelves on June 13th, generating a lot of excitement ever since it was first revealed on April Fools Day. After only one month, the highly anticipated gaming PC is almost ready to be released to the public.

Since the introduction of Valve’s Steam Deck in February 2022, the handheld gaming PC segment has become increasingly popular. Companies like Ayaneo and OneXPlayer have attempted to provide alternatives that can compete with the Steam Deck. The Asus ROG Ally might be arriving a bit late to the party, but it appears to be the most promising challenger in this sector, given its specs and cost.

Asus’ ROG Ally Offers a Feature at Launch That May Be a Game Changer

Asus’ ROG Ally has come out with a standout launch feature that could potentially put it ahead of the competition. This feature is an exclusive deal with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate which grants access to a vast library of games. This could be a deciding factor in whether or not the ROG Ally is successful.

Asus has declared that the ROG Ally will now be available in two different versions – a standard one for $599 and a more powerful one for $699 – both of which come with 512GB NVMe storage. This is in line with the recently leaked details for the ROG Ally, which has prompted considerable enthusiasm from its fans due to the fact that its price is only $50 higher than that of the 512GB Steam Deck. Furthermore, buyers are now aware that they can purchase the lower-end version at an even lower rate. As far as the delivery date is concerned, the higher-end version is ready to be shipped in the U.S. on June 13, with the lower-end model following suit in Q3 2023.

The distinction between the two variants lies in their processors. The base version, which will cost $599, is equipped with an AMD Ryzen Z1 APU, while the top-tier version, which will cost $699, features an AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme APU that Asus claims offers graphics performance comparable to current gaming consoles. As for the rest of the specs for both ROG Ally models (as outlined in the link provided), they will remain the same.

The Asus ROG Ally, with its affordable cost and superior performance, has the possibility of bumping the Steam Deck off the top of the handheld PC gaming market. However, Valve has made it clear that they welcome the competition. In fact, they are delighted to see the portable PC gaming sector expand, as it provides gamers with many more options for enjoying their Steam titles on the go.

When the Asus ROG Ally is released in June, it will have a lot to prove to customers. Critical opinions collected so far have been generally positive, which bodes well for the device’s potential success.

On June 13, 2023, the Asus ROG Ally will become available.