Asmongold’s Unpopular Opinion: People Won’t Like You If You’re ‘Fat’ or ‘Ugly’

Recently, Asmongold was live-streaming discussing how someone’s physical traits have an impact on others’ attitudes towards them. During the broadcast, a viewer highlighted the moment wherein the renowned streamer ponders the possibility of Twitch’s waning popularity.

When Asmongold started streaming on Twitch in 2014, it was initially just a hobby. He had already had a YouTube channel devoted to World of Warcraft, and had a camera set up in the bottom left corner of his stream, like he does today. His streams were focused on that game, and he provided viewers with tips and tricks to get better. Before long, he had become one of the most popular World of Warcraft streamers on Twitch. He eventually began to try out different styles of streaming.

In response to the Top 10 Most Popular Female Streamers Chart, Asmongold gave his reaction.

On his most recent stream, Asmongold was assessing why some streamers have difficulty attaining a following. He was asked to explain his opinion but was hesitant to do so, afraid of being considered impolite. He eventually stated that if a person is “ugly” or “obese,” many viewers will not be interested in them, regardless of how humorous they are. Notably, this especially applies to women. Please note: The following clip contains foul language.

Asmongold commented that he had observed a particularly status-minded audience on Twitch prior to his comments in the clip. He suggested that viewers may perceive creators with larger fanbases as inherently better than those with talent but fewer viewers. He also mentioned Mizkif, who shared his views on why some people may battle to attract viewers on the streaming platform. Asmongold suggested that small streamers should seek out other avenues of promotion, as it appears hard to grow their audience if they have no presence beyond Twitch.

Although Asmongold appears to consider attractiveness to be a vital component of being a successful streamer, looking at the entire context outlines a more intricate vision. More and more content producers have been lamenting Twitch’s unwillingness to support lesser-known creators to the same degree as those who have already attained renown.