A Comprehensive Guide to the Welcome Missions in Apex Legends – Offering Easy Experience Points for Both Fresh and Experienced Players

At the Moment: Apex Legends Spellbound Collection Occasion

Whether you are an adept Predator or an amateur Rookie, these new endeavors are definitely worth the effort. The developer of Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment, has released their most recent set of intergalactic-themed cosmetic items with the launch of Tuesday’s Spellbound Collection Event. The update which came with these cosmetics is a game-changer. Players can now create their matches and competitions, in addition to having the ability to access a brand new feature – Welcome Missions. Although they are mainly intended to support those who are not acquainted with Apex Legends, completing the Welcome Missions is a fantastic way to gain extra XP before the Eclipse battle pass terminates next month.

Apex Legends PvE event mission

A data miner uncovered an entirely animated and voiced tutorial trailer earlier this year which still has not been included in the game. Some players anticipated the new trailer to appear in the game with the addition of the Welcome Missions. However, it does not look like that is going to happen – Apex Legends’ original, short, and insufficient tutorial remains unchanged, leaving new players to their own devices. Read on for a guide to doing Apex’s Welcome Challenges and some tips to help you finish them as expeditiously as possible. Even if you have been playing from the beginning, these new missions are a great way to improve your rusty skills or introduce a pal to Apex Legends without overwhelming them. But there is another great reason to do these tasks: the rewards.

Beginning the process

Apex legends welcome mission guide

To access the challenge hub, open up Apex as usual and select “Seasonal” from the tabs at the top of the page. Afterward, a sub-menu will show up beneath the tabs and the last tab on the far right should be labeled “Challenges”. Upon selecting that, you’ll be taken to the challenge hub. The vertical list of challenges on the right side of the screen has a button at the top that reads “Welcome to Apex”. Press it to be directed to the Welcome Challenge page, where you can observe your progress for each challenge.


There are 10 Welcome Missions that players can do to understand the game better and become familiar with all the tools they can use. The followings are the lessons and challenges associated with each of the Missions: Restore 200 health, which is a basic concept that can be overlooked when only a small amount of health is missing; Slide three times, since movement is key to success in Apex and sliding can be useful when abilities are not available; Deal damage with ordnance items such as frag grenades, arc stars, and thermite grenades; Change your armor for an EVO Shield of a higher tier in battle royale mode; Take advantage of the Replicators located around the map to upgrade body shields; Make it to the top five in a match; Break down three doors with a melee attack; Use a Phoenix Kit, which is a powerful healing item that takes 10 seconds to use; and Take an item from a Care Package, being aware of the beam of light it generates and the possibility of enemies lurking around. Battle royale mode is necessary to complete the missions with an asterisk.


Players who complete the 10 Welcome Challenges will receive experience points (XP) that contribute to their battle pass progress as well as their overall user level. As a bonus, they will earn an Apex 101 badge, a decoration that can be added to their character’s banner. The real reward is the XP boost for existing players who may finish all 10 challenges in one session and direct new players to the game’s capabilities. Although the addition of a tutorial trailer would be beneficial for new players, the Welcome Challenges are still a positive move. Veterans and beginners alike gain from the rewards. Apex Legends is free to play on console and PC, and a mobile version is available for Android and iOS devices. Completing challenges during the Spellbound Collection Event will earn players exclusive cosmetics and rewards.

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