Issues Related to Horizon Resolved by Most Recent Apex Legends Patch

Respawn Entertainment and EA’s popular battle royale title Apex Legends recently implemented their “Spellbound” event and, in doing so, inadvertently caused a change to Horizon’s capabilities. The game has a large variety of characters with individualized abilities and strategies, two of the most beloved being Wraith and Pathfinder who have garnered a lot of fan attention. After recognizing the unintentional nerf to the latter, Respawn is now taking action to correct the issue. Pathfinder was given a new passive at the start of Season 16, which adds to the game’s dynamic of mixing and matching Legends.

Respawn has released multiple updates to Apex Legends since its February 2019 launch date, consisting of both game improvements and new content. Every competitive season adds a new character and mid-season updates often include events with exclusive gameplay. The Spellbound event, however, caused an unexpected alteration to Horizon’s Gravity Lift ability, decreasing her accuracy significantly. Respawn has now officially confirmed they will be rectifying the bug.

On Monday, Respawn Entertainment released a small update for Apex Legends which contains a variety of minor alterations. Most notably, the recent nerf of Horizon has been reversed and the patch is meant to be a proper solution to the issue rather than a backend one. There will be no observable alterations to Horizon from the previous fix.

As Apex Legends continues to update over its fourth year, a variety of bugs and glitches have emerged. One of the more notorious bugs caused characters to be loaded in with incorrect abilities. It has also led to some players being temporarily banned due to the bug’s severe impact. In addition, the game’s competitive Ranked mode has been subject to players exploiting bugs or glitches to gain a competitive advantage.

Apex Legends Patch

As Apex Legends moves towards the end of Season 15, the game has seen some fixes to the Horizon character. At the start of the fifteenth competition, Catalyst was released as the first transgender Legend, and was placed in a defensive role with the aim of strengthening doorways and establishing walls. The addition of Broken Moon to the map selection also arrived in the same season. With the conclusion of Season 15 in sight, players are eager to see which characters and gameplay changes Respawn has planned for Season 16.

Apex Legends can now be played on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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