A Glimpse of Apex Legends’ Season 16 Revealed

As the launch of Apex Legends Season 16 approaches, an official teaser image has been released to give players a hint of what is in store. After a lengthy period of speculation by fans, the poster finally provides a preview of the upcoming season.

The typical span between Apex Legends seasons tends to be three months, however, this next season is arriving a bit later than normal, making many players yearn for it to start. One of the more widely-played free-to-play games, it has achieved a massive audience and dedicated fans who can’t wait for the next season. Though there is still much supposition about what will be included, those who are especially eager may take solace in a slight mention from the game’s creators.

The official Apex Legends Twitter account posted a carnival-themed poster, which sparked speculation among fans due to a large leak last year. The image gives a hint at what Season 16 could be based around, with a carnival theme, but how it will be implemented within the game remains to be seen.

Leaks for Season 16 of Apex Legends have revealed that there are some significant changes in store for gameplay. The image accompanying the news might be a literal representation of what is to come, or it could simply be a way of telling players that a lot of fun and exciting features are on the way. The poster is reminiscent of old carnival posters, featuring characters such as Mirage and Gibraltar depicted as a lion and a strongman, but it doesn’t provide any further information.

Though the release of some details about the upcoming Season 16 for Apex Legends has created a stir of excitement, there is still a great deal of curiosity regarding what the future holds. With its status as one of the top free-to-play games, Apex Legends has attracted a great number of dedicated followers looking forward to the new features that the next season will bring. Even with the small glimpse provided, there is still much to be revealed when the season arrives.

Now, Apex Legends can be played on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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