Nine-Year Wait Comes to an End with Release of Age of Wonders 4

Recently, Paradox Interactive and Triumph Studio’s stream unveiled Age of Wonders 4, eliciting a great deal of enthusiasm among the devotees of Paradox Interactive titles. This is especially true given that the previous version, Age of Wonders 3, had been released nine years ago.

The Age of Wonders series is well-known for its synthesis of 4X and turn-based combat, presented in a fantasy context. Notable other 4X games include Stellaris, Civilization, and the recently released Dune: Spice Wars. Age of Wonders 3 was met with much praise and performed well commercially, yet it appears to be an enigma as to why it has taken so long for a sequel to be produced.

On Paradox’s YouTube and Twitch channels, a shared announcement stream with Triumph Studios was unveiled. Streamer and host cKnoor gave a brief introduction before the trailer for Age of Wonders 4 was shown, which revealed the release date as May 2nd, 2023. cKnoor then began a thorough discourse with Lennart Sas, Studio Director of Triumph, and Jordi Engel, Community Developer. Engel stated that the design of Age of Wonders 4 started in November 2019, shortly after the release of Age of Wonders: Planetfall, which is the sci-fi edition of the series. Sas emphasized the diversity of customization options available in Age of Wonders 4 for fans, where they can construct their kingdom by blending physical forms, societal traits, and mystical powers.

Sas went on to point out that, although players can select their desired combination at the beginning of Age of Wonders 4, they won’t be limited to it. It will be possible to modify their faction’s play style depending on the enemies they face or what kind of victory they are aiming for. During the stream, Triumph Studio provided a glimpse of the game’s extensive customizability, which will give gamers the opportunity to shape the world and the ruler they control. Alternatively, premade options will be available for those who don’t wish to make any adjustments.

Those who appreciate 4X games will be delighted to hear about the imminent release of Age of Wonders 4, which was just announced. Paradox Interactive had a very successful year in 2020 with the launch of Victoria 3, and Age of Wonders 4 has the potential to join in that success.

Age of Wonders 4 is scheduled to launch on May 2nd, 2023 for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X.

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