Adorable Riolu Animation: A Must-See for Pokemon Fans and Gamers

Every year, a plethora of Pokemon fan art is produced, and one person has recently made a delightful Riolu animation that is based on another IP. Usually, fan art pays tribute to the original Pokemon from the Pokedex, new regional types, Paradox forms, and more. However, this artist decided to mix in visual and auditory elements from Pokemon with another piece of intellectual property.

Introduced in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, Riolu and its evolution Lucario have been part of the Pokemon franchise since, but Lucario is the one that got a Mega Evolution in Pokemon X and Y, while Riolu didn’t. Lucario has become a fan-favorite in Gen 4 Pokedex, although Riolu doesn’t receive as much attention. This animation puts the spotlight on the Fighting-type baby Pokemon, which has also been featured in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

A Fan-Made Edit Highlights What Houndour Would Look Like Without Its Skull Mask

A fan-made edit has been created to show what the Pokemon Houndour would look like without its signature skull mask. This edit has been gaining traction within the Pokemon community, sparking conversation amongst fans.

A Reddit user by the name of Spy_rook posted an animated video featuring the popular slow-moving camera perspective of the Five Nights at Freddy’s series. It begins with the clock at midnight, like the Five Nights at Freddy’s games, and the camera focuses on a Pokemon Center that is a blend of the Gen 3 and 5 aesthetics. As the clock moves forward, the camera pans to the left and reveals some trees and houses surrounding the Pokemon Center. When the camera focuses on the inside of one of the houses, a Riolu interrupts the feed by getting too close to it. This animation received a whopping 4,800 upvotes.

Spy_rook’s animation reveals a Riolu, a Fighting-type Pokemon, that turns its head inquisitively and blinks before it approaches the camera. The black and blue creature stares blankly and sniffs the camera, taking after the real-life animal that it is modeled after. This fan art captures a world that trainers have inhabited since the start of the Pokemon anime, displaying a house that watches the Pokemon Center across the road as if Team Rocket often attacks it.

The Spy_rook clip featuring Riolu has been labelled as “Cam 1,” and it’s currently uncertain what other Pokemon will be included in their Five Nights at Freddy’s-inspired animation. It is possible that the Spy_rook Pokemon animation might take cues from the Pokemon anime, such as having Riolu as a pet in the same manner as Ash’s Mr. Mime, Professor Cerise’s Yamper, or the Muk that Professor Oak looks after.