Accidentally Catch a Rare Shiny in Pokemon GO

It took some devoted Pokemon GO players an extremely long time to find a Shiny Pokemon, but one fortunate individual managed to capture one by accident. Niantic‘s latest comments refute claims that the title’s income has dropped drastically in recent years, and they are still hopeful about the game’s future.

When Niantic released Pokemon GO for iOS and Android in 2016, it was their second title that utilizes location-based gameplay in a major way. While 2013’s Ingress was well-liked, Pokemon GO ‘s easy to play, yet engrossing design allowed the developer to garner a worldwide following. Players can locate many of their favorite characters from the Pokemon series in the game, however, chances of encountering a Shiny Pokemon are very slim. Recently, Niantic has made public the launch of Peridot , causing some devotees of Pokemon GO to question the developer’s dedication to their Pokemon -inspired AR game.

A recent post on r/pokemongo from Redditor Calplush12 showed off the Shiny Slugma they caught while playing Pokemon GO. It seems they had used the Daily Adventure Incense item without realizing it, resulting in the rare Pokemon’s appearance. The Daily Adventure Incense, which was added to the game in late 2020, temporarily gives a boost in Pokemon spawn rates while the user is moving. This Shiny Slugma was incredibly unique, with its light grey color being a stark contrast to the typical bright red of the regular Lava Pokemon. Calplush12 was undoubtedly thrilled to add it to their collection.

When Pokemon GO followers saw the picture of the Shiny Slugma, they congratulated Calplush12 on their discovery. Several Redditors shared their own experiences of coming across a Shiny. A long-time fan of the Pokemon games expressed astonishment at the rare variant and admitted they had been playing the game for 13 years before seeing the grey Shiny Slugma. One Redditor made a joke, comparing the Shiny Slugma to the unfortunate characters in The Little Mermaid. Another Redditor suggested Calplush12 name it “lil booger,” to which they responded they would.

Calplush12 was lucky when they accidentally clicked the wrong thing in the popular mobile game, as it resulted in them snagging one of the most difficult-to-obtain monsters in Pokemon GO – a Shiny Slugma. With some time left before the A Valorous Hero event later in the month, they still have the opportunity to train their new creature.

Pokemon GO can be played on both Android and iOS devices.